Saturday is a rest day so I can take some time to better detail Thursday’s update.

We are spending 3 nites at Namche (11,300’) to acclimatize. We have to gradually increase altitude up to Base Camp (17,500′). By the time you read this, we will have moved up to Deboche (12,400’) on Sunday. By following a very rigorous acclimatization process we hopefully will avoid altitude sickness.

We are 9 on the team. Mike Hamill (US) is our team leader, Eben Reckord (US) assistant guide, Louis Carstens (South Africa), Jason Vandalen (US), Sandhosh Kumar (India), Tim Igo (US), Steve Barnes (US), Mayk Schega (Germany), and myself Canadian.

The weather so far has been great. Sunny and warm during the day, around freezing during the nite. I will get a lot colder as we move higher.

Saturday is market day in Namche. As I said earlier, Namche has had a Saturday market place for centuries. People hike in from all over the region, including over Nangpa-la Pass from Tibet. The only way up to here is walking for days over the hills.