Volcanic Seven Summits

I turned 70 years old April 18, 2017. Since completing the Seven Summits (highest mountain on all 7 continents) in 2014, I have increasingly felt the urge to take on a new and biting challenge. My first thoughts were to climb more 8000 meter mountains. But I just didn’t see the point unless I intended to climb all 14 of them. I wanted something new and different and especially me. I stumbled upon the VOLCANIC SEVEN SUMMITS late in 2016 and it clicked immediately that it was exactly right for me. I wanted to make the start of my 7th decade something special that connected with my past challenges. I would attempt to complete all 7 volcanoes in one year only. 

I made contact with an company in Austria Furtenbach Adventures to organize the logistics, particularly for Iran, Papua New Guinea and Antarctica.  My first plan was to climb Mount Elbrus in Russia and Mount Damavand in Iran late April and early May 2017. However after several months of applying for the Iranian visa and realizing it was not going to happen, I decided to climb for the second time both Elbrus (5642m) and Kilimanjaro (5895m) back to back late May and early June 2017. I say for the 2nd time since I had already climbed both for the 7 Summits in 2012. Elbrus and Kilimanjaro are the highest mountain and highest volcano in Europe and Africa respectfully. The next 5 are different. Also, it was important for me not to ride on my coattails of already having climbed them. It had to be all 7 in one year. I summited Mount Elbrus on June 2nd and Mount Kilimanjaro June 11, only 9 days apart. It may be a record!

By the middle of June I started a new visa request for Iran to climb Mount Damavand (highest volcano in Asia). I bought flight tickets in and out arriving 14 August. I waited and waited to hear but finally on the 10 of August the visa was denied. Upset but not deterred I planned to go to climb Mount Giluwe in Papua and Pico de Orizabo in Mexico. Out of the blue about 10 days later my logistics partner Lucas Furtenbach and team managed to get me a 6 day visa for Iran. September 26 I arrived in Tehran and early next day my local guide Babak Kheirjoo and I left for the mountain. At 5610m, Damavand should take a week to acclimatize and summit. With the pressures of winter weather and timing I managed to push to my extreme and summit in only 2 days and descend on the 3rd day. Lucky for me because the winds were 150 km the next day and summitting would not have been possible. With luck, I beat the odds. I had absolutely no issues in Iran and the people I met were warm and hospitable. Politics is one thing – people are another.

I immediately flew from Iran to Papua New Guinea to climb Mount Giluwe (4367m), the highest volcano in Oceania. Arriving a bit sick from my long flights and weak immune system, I took a few days rest to recover at the foot of Mount Hagen. At last a local guide, some porters, and I headed up through the jungle and equatorial highlands during a long, wet 11 hour day to make camp near the foot of Giluwe. Next day in clouds we summited on 60+º grassy and muddy slopes. Frankly it was a blast climbing a mountain that seemed to come straight out of a fairy tale. Not to mention the truly wonderful yet unprepared local guys I was with. I had now achieved 4 out of 7 of the volcanoes.

I am writing this dispatch December 3 2017, as I am scheduled to leave December 15 for Mexico to climb Mount Pico de Orizaba and hope to be back before Christmas. January 6 2018 I will be flying again to Punta Arenas at the bottom of Chile to fly in a Russian cargo Ilyushin plane to Antarctica and attempt to climb Mount Sidley (4285m). After coming off the ice continent I hope to climb Mount Ojos del Salado (6893m) on the Chilian/ Argentinian border.

I have a lot on my plate.

It has been an extremely hectic 3 months since this last post. I did succeed climbing Pico de Orizaba December 21st 2017 and flew home just in time for Christmas. We summited Mount Orizaba (5636m/ 18491m after 5 days of acclimatizing on volcanoes  Iztaccilhuatl and Orizaba herself. It was a long 18 hour day climbing from high camp (16900′) up the glacier to the summit and back down to low camp in the dark. The glacier was very icy and we needed to belay down the 1500′ to the rocks. I must admit I had nothing left in me at the end. Team:Michael Hamill, guide; Tim IgoZav MahlumClint KuglerMat WoodKent StewartAndrew Gregory.

Next, success on Mount Sidley (Antarctica). #6 on my challenge to climb all Volcanic 7 Summits in one year at 70

After 30 hours of flights from Montreal to Punta Arenas, Chile – then a Russian cargo plane (Iluysian) across the Antarctic Ocean to Union Glacier. Next a Canadian built Twin Otter prop for 5 hours across West Antarctica (a fuel cache re-supply half way) to the Executive Committee Range and rarely visited Mount Sidley. An extraordinarily beautiful shaped quarter -moon volcano rising majestically above the endless flat ice plateau of the Antarctic Continent. Pilot extraordinaire Russ Hepburn, Co-pilot Tyron So and engineer Kevin Bouwsema landed the small craft directly in the snow sastrugi-crusted crater. In all my years of climbing on multiple expeditions I have only had 1 woman teammate, but this time I was the only male plus Nate Opp as our guide. My three teammates all very accomplished climbers from Australia; Kate Sarah who has already done the 7 Summits and now just completed the Volcanic 7 Summits on Sidley. She is only the 13th person in the world to have climbed all 7 Volcanoes. Cheryl and Nikki Bart – mother/ daughter team have also climbed all 7 Summits together. Great teammates and great goal oriented mountaineers.

Mount Sidley has only been climbed about 35 times. It is so remote to reach (even for Antarctica) and there is little chance of support if something goes wrong. There are huge snow mushrooms on the summit ridge that I am not sure if anyone knows exactly why they form. Up there in the low visibility you feel you are in some super-natural world. We were able to summit in the late afternoon.

I last posted February 4 that I was climbing Volcano Ojos del Salado. It has been quite a ride since then. Ojos is a huge mountain at 6893m (22615 feet) and very tough – weather, altitude and climbing. Together with teammate Michael Halbig from Germany and our formidable Chilean guide Ismael Sepulveda we first climbed 3 mountains to acclimatize for Ojos – Siete Hermanos 4890m, Mulas Muertas 5300m and San Francisco 6018m.


We pushed our Summit Bid forward 2 days to February 14 because a big snow storm was predicted later the same day. However the mountain had already been blasted with 65 centimeters of new snow since the last few days and the climbing was slow and extremely tiring. There were 17 climbers on the mountain from different countries and only 3 of us made it to the summit crater plateau but not the true summit itself. We were about 75m below the last rock technical section. The final climb is to climb a chute and then scale a rock wall.

Reaching the crater at 1pm with very little energy left and past our turnaround time with a snowstorm coming in we had no option but to descend. It was extremely hard but the right decision. Safety first.

Finally my 2nd attempt February 23 climbing Ojos del Salado has failed. She is proving to be a very tough nut to crack. My first attempt February 14th I got within 75m from the technical summit (6908m) but was turned back by an impending snowstorm. February 23rd at 11pm my Chilean guide Ismael Sepulveda and I left high camp Tejos(5837m) and started our 2nd summit push. It was minus 25 degrees with a nasty wind in our face. We climbed all night and realized at around 6500m we were both suffering hypothermia. We were on a steep slope unable to rest and warm ourselves. Besides that I realized I had lost too much acclimatization since the 1st attempt. Even though I had taken steps to keep acclimated, they were not enough. I felt my lungs and body screaming for more oxygen. We sadly realized it was not to be.

 I love challenges and Ojos del Salado is no exception. I have, I can tell you, a huge amount of respect for her. This challenge is not over. 7 of 7 is still in the cards. 



Finally my 2nd attempt climbing Ojos del Salado has failed. She is proving to be a very tough nut to crack. My first attempt February 14th I got within 75m from the technical summit (6908m) but was turned back by an impending snowstorm. February 23rd at 11pm my Chilean guide Ismael Sepulveda and I left…Read More


I last posted February 4 that I was climbing Volcano Ojos del Salado. It has been quite a ride since then. Ojos is a huge mountain at 6893m (22615 feet) and very tough – weather, altitude and climbing. Together with teammate Michael Halbig from Germany and our formidable Chilean guide Ismael Sepulveda we first climbed…Read More

Success on Mount Sidley (Antarctica).

Success on Mount Sidley (Antarctica). #6 on my challenge to climb all Volcanic 7 Summits in one year at 70. After 30 hours of flights from Montreal to Punta Arenas, Chile – then a Russian cargo plane (Iluysian) across the Antarctic Ocean to Union Glacier. Next a Canadian built Twin Otter prop for 5 hours…Read More

D Day has arrived-Flying to ANTARCTICA

D Day has arrived. Flying to ANTARCTICA today to climb the highest volcano on the Ice Continent. CRAZY – yes. But as a friend with MS said, “I wish I could still be crazy”. I am lucky indeed at 70 years old to have such an opportunity to still be fit and able to break…Read More

success on pico de orizaba #5

Thursday 21 December 2017 I successfully summited Mount Orizaba (5636m/ 18491’) in Mexico. After 5 days of acclimatizing on volcanoes  Iztaccilhuatl and Orizaba itself, we finally had a long 18 hour day climbing from high camp (16900′) up the glacier to the summit and back down to low camp in the dark. The glacier was…Read More

new attempt on the volcanic 7 summits

Special thanks to James Stone for his recent article on my Volcanic Seven Summits challenge aiming to ascend all the Volcanic Seven Summits within a 12 month period. Follow my journey on Dare To Reach. A new attempt on the Volcanic Seven Summits – Part 2

Mt. Giluwe, Papua New Guinea

After 11 hours of hiking up through dense jungle and grassy equatorial highlands following a ridge over many hilltops we arrived in the rain at basecamp. Monday October 9 we climbed up a steep couloir (about 65 degrees on the upper 150m) to the summit of Mount Giluwe. The climb was pretty straight forward but…Read More


I summited Mount Damāvand in Iran yesterday 29 September 2017. It is the highest volcano in Asia at 5610m. It is now no. 3 in my challenge at 70 to climb the Volcanic Seven Summits in one year. Elbrus and Kilimanjaro completed in May/ June. I climbed it in 3 days only, which is quite…Read More


HAPPY CANADA DAY Puja Ceremony at Everest Base Camp 2010 with Al Hancock’s large Canadian Flag. Beautiful Buddhist Prayer Flags streamed all around. Celebrate our great Nation and Spirit July 1 2017. Muddy wet trails mountain biking at its best. “GO FOR IT”. Live Life or Go Home.  Lac des Seize Iles with Marc-Antoine Laporte….Read More


I have now completed climbing Mt. Elbrus, June 2nd (Europe) and Kilimanjaro, June 11th (Africa). This was my 2nd time climbing these two mountains. In 2012 I also climbed them in my quest to climb the 7 Summits (highest mountain on every continent) which was an eight year project I reached in 2014. Now as…Read More

Mount Everest Deaths: Min Bahadur Sherchan & Ueli Steck

BBC NEWS Mount Everest: Min Bahadur Sherchan dies attempting record An 85-year-old Nepali man who was attempting to become the oldest person to climb Mount Everest has died at base camp, Nepali officials say. Min Bahadur Sherchan, a former British Gurkha soldier, was trying to reclaim the record from Japan’s Yuichiro Miura, who climbed Everest…Read More


My favorite back-country mountain biking marshes. In 2 weeks there will be a lush blanket of green. So great to be back in the saddle after winter. I love 4 seasons and the wonderful contrast of sports you do in winter and summer. Can’t imagine biking all year – nor skiing all year.  TOUCHING NATURE…Read More


Beautiful sunny warm Spring day hiking in the Laurentians with Marc-Antoine Laporte. Woodpecker made quite a hit striking for his lunch. TOUCHING Nature is touching your SOUL.


  Super day – Super snow – Super Back-Country Skiing Sunny, Spring in the air. Nature is 10x Cheaper than Therapy. What are you waiting for? Touching NATURE is Touching Your Soul.

Remarkable Beauty of Ice Walls

Frozen waterfalls that sometimes happen overnight and big wall Ice Walls made to climb. Either way, each is one of a kind and extraordinarily beautiful. They are so inviting to photograph and climb.  


Mike Cohen (February 15, 2017) A REMARKABLE MAN: Montrealer Theodore Frederic Fairhurst, who turns 70 in April, has had several careers as a fine artist, entrepreneur, high-altitude mountain climber and a public speaker. He has climbed the Seven Summits, including Mount Everest and recently found himself in a jungle in Papua New Guinea. There he got separated from his…Read More


  “Don’t ask yourself what the world needs. Ask yourself what makes you come alive, and then go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.” Howard Thurman


WARNING Do Not over-indulge in the GREAT OUTDOORS. It may reduce anxiety, heart disease, inflammation, cancer. It may extend your life. Another superb day with Marc-Antoine Laporte on back-country skis in the beautiful Laurentians in Quebec.


Great back-country powder skiing in sun and minus 17°. Found our way out after dark feeling fantastic.Lifestyle, attitude, mindset.

Learn to SUCK IT UP

Great article on INC.com How to Get Comfortable With Being Uncomfortable (According to a Green Beret) 7 steps to acclimate yourself to extreme situations so you can excel at every level. CREDIT: Getty Images     I’ve been an entrepreneur for seven years. Midway through the fourth year, things were coming to a head. I…Read More

Czech Single-track & Mountain Hiking

Czech Republic Just back from spending a great week with 2 of my teammates from Cho Oyu and Mount Everest, Czech Karel Masek and Californian Mike Chapman. Passionate about mountain biking, Karel took us to some of his favorite single-track trails in the Jazarske mountains of Czech Republic. It was a blast, literally. Our 1st…Read More


Great talk yesterday in Toronto to Applewood Cadillac with support by Esprit de Corps for their Rabaska Challenge. Seven months of training and 200 pounds lost. These guys committed themselves to a challenge, acted on that decision, and are making it a reality. Good luck guys. Photos by Mathew Gordon.          …Read More

Wicked Mountain Biking

5 great hours biking in way back-country terrain crossing beaver dams and muddy fields. Full of bugs, bear scat, moose droppings, snakes and grouse defending their chicks. Thought for awhile I may get stuck sending the night under the stars.


A short video I made in October 2011 for Jean Pierre Lemaitre’s book ‘Pas D’excuses‘ (No Excuses). His powerful book (in French) outlines the mindset and choices (value system) we make daily in life. He incorporates me in person and in name throughout the book. “I have been impressed by the way Ted Fairhurst managed…Read More


Another superb keynote talk for Primerica last weekend in Syracuse, N.Y. It is a real pleasure to be with such an inspiring and energetic crowd of entrepreneurs. They are highly motivated to build their businesses helping people and families grow their finances. Thanks for the very heartfelt introduction by Darren Fairhurst and the kind welcome…Read More


Getting it Right WEEKLY Being inspired and motivated is great, but staying consistent with your training and goals wins long term hands down. Besides training once or twice during the workweek, I nearly always get out into real nature on weekends hiking and snowshoeing, back-country skiing, mountain biking, etc. Consistency is the key to building…Read More

Talk to Cadillac Dealers of Canada

  I recently had the pleasure to speak to Cadillac Canada and its entrepreneur dealers from across Canada at the Sofitel Hotel. Cadillac has partnered with Group Esprit De Corps to lift the bar on personal achievement in its ‘DARE GREATLY’ campaign and encourage its Canadian Dealers to take on great personal challenges. The first…Read More

40 Degrees Below and Still Smiling

Snowshoeing up Olympia and Cross Mountains with Marc-Antoine Laporte in 40° below zero (with wind chill) and still smiling. Get out there and burn calories in any weather and have great fun feeling proud of your determination and achievements.


Expect the growing FKT movement to shed its scrappy, unpublicized existence next spring. That’s when Jornet will head to Mount Everest without oxygen, carrying only the slimmest survivalist’s pack of food, water, and protective gear, and attempt to lay down a new record on the world’s most scrutinized peak. Jornet hasn’t settled on his precise…Read More

British explorer Henry Worsley dies crossing Antarctic

(CNN)British explorer Henry Worsley has died attempting to be the first person to cross the Antarctic unaided, in an epic charity mission inspired by Ernest Shackleton. The 55-year-old former British Army officer died after being airlifted to a hospital in Punta Arenas, Chile, suffering severe exhaustion and dehydration. The father-of-two was found to have bacterial…Read More


I Dare You Look around you, the fast food industry has won. Political correctness has crept ever more evasively into our society as the norm. Smart devices and electronics have consumed us. Fancy is cool and expensive is better. Where did our spirit of ‘personal best’, passion for adventure, and ‘go for it’ go? Of…Read More

FUN Recent Mtn. Biking & Snowshoeing

Biking December 26st after Christmas finding Santa coming down from the chimney, and mountain biking at Oka and Mount Bruno in the Eastern Townships with Marc-Antoine Laporte, Michael Pelletier and Hal Myers just before Xmas. Finally 1/2 meter of snow to get out and snowshoe in a fairy-tale land near Morin-Heights in the Laurentians. Life…Read More

SCOTLAND – Mountain Bike North Sea to Atlantic

Mountain Bike Coast to Coast across SCOTLAND – video Mountain biking across the extraordinarily beautiful Highlands of Northern Scotland in late August. Heather growing everywhere on mountain slopes. We started our challenge in Aberdeen on the North Sea up through Cairngorms National Park across hills and mountains, single track and double, bog, river beds, glacier…Read More


Dare to Reach Talk Charlottetown I had the great privilege to be the guest keynote speaker at the PRIMERICA Atlantic Canada Leadership Council in Charlottetown October 2015. Over the 2 day event I found the leaders to be spirited and positive in their values to build meaningful relationships with their investment clients. They demonstrated a…Read More

iProspect Talk, Montreal

DareToReach Talk A wonderful talk to the clients of digital marketing company iProspect in Old Port Montreal October 7 2015. Their annual Summit Day had speakers from Google (Gabriel Verkade) Unlock Brand Creativity through Performance and Facebook (James Chadwick) Be Brave, Make Business Personal.  Immediately following my presentation they had  organized a brave activity to…Read More

Mountain Bike Coast to Coast Across Scotland

Wow, just back from another great challenge: mountain biking Coast to Coast (North Sea to the Atlantic Ocean) across the Highlands and mountains of Scotland.  Marc-Antoine and I met our team (predetermined) at the train station in Aberdeen Saturday morning 22nd August at 11AM. Our guide Mark Cox from Wilderness Scotland got us sorted out…Read More

Training for Coast to Coast Scotland

  Leaving for Scotland in 12 days to mountain bike Coast to Coast from Aberdeen in the east to Ardnamurchan (Aberdeen) in the west. I expect it to be an absolute epic week of superb riding of 350km of awesome ascent and descent across the mountains and highland of Northern Scotland  In preparation yesterday I…Read More

Road & Mountain Biking Today

  48km hilly road biking today with Marc-Antoine Laporte at St-Michel de Wentworth followed by 2 hours of mountain biking with Hal Myers preparing for Coast to Coast Mountain Biking across Scotland in August. Laurentians, Quebec.

Great mountain biking yesterday

Another fabulous day of mountain biking in mud, hills, deep bush and streams in the Laurentians. Pretty rough terrain climbing and descending trails over trees, rocks, roots, tall grass, streams and every other obstacle. I love it…

Garifuna International Film Festival

  Delighted that 2 of my videos are playing at Garifuna Film Festival 2015 Mt. Everest ICE FALL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=moBJMGNSql4 Kilimanjaro/ Maasai: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KFOVUDrdOPw City of Los Angeles Proclaims May 26 Garifuna International Film Day When an indigenous culture dies out the world loses language, art and a rich history that adds color to the world. Freda…Read More


from: Camp 4 Collective To know Nepal is to love her. The majesty of her mountains inspires awe and a reassuring sense of perspective. The grace of her people floods your heart with the buoyant certainty that we are all kin. Together, we need to remind the world that in the wake of Nepal’s recent…Read More


The Explorers Museum and Tim Lavery shared Irish Seven Summits’s photo. Paul and the crew remain at Pheriche for a second day. The following is Paul’s first hand account of the situation from Friday onwards: “We had been in the icefall almost 70% of the way to camp 1 on 24th and 25th was changed…Read More

Al Hancock-Avalanche on Annapurna

A Canadian mountain climber scaling one of the world’s tallest peaks has survived after being caught in an avalanche caused by a powerful earthquake in Nepal. “You probably heard the news, we had a major, major earthquake today,” Al Hancock, a high-altitude climber, can be heard saying on a voicemail message sent hours after his team…Read More


NEPAL in trouble. PLEASE HELP  Avalanche broke off Mt. Pumori (center of photo) that hit the middle of Everest base camp Saturday. 17 dead on mountain. However, the 7.8 earthquake has claimed more than 3000 dead and counting around the country. Nepal needs your HELP. Please donate to a good organization such as: Care Canada,…Read More

Mt. Washington April 3-4, 2015

Proud to have climbed Mount Washington Saturday April 3 & 4 with Foundation Esprit de Corps Single Parent program Team Cohort 9. Hurricane force winds 75-100mph (120-150km) forced us to turn around just before the summit. The team showed such strength of will and determination under very difficult conditions and they are a brilliant example…Read More

Eric Larsen, Polar Explorer

As a polar explorer and expedition guide, I’ve completed more polar expeditions than any other American in history. In 2006, I completed the first ever summer expedition to the North Pole. In 2010, I completed a world record expedition to the South Pole, North Pole, and top of Mt. Everest within a 365 day period….Read More

Mt. Washington-Foundation EDC

  Another Great Success on Mount Washington Esprit de Corps Foundation Single Parents program cohort 8 last weekend March 13 – 15 successfully summitted Mount Washington in blizzard winter conditions. Friday afternoon we hiked up to the Hermit Lake Shelters and camped overnight. Saturday we started early at 6:30am climbing up the steep Lion’s Head…Read More

Garifuna Film Festival International

  DareToReach.ca has been invited to participate and submit 3 videos to the 2015 Garifuna Film Festival International in Venice Beach, California. Mission: Garifuna Film Festival will allow Garifuna as well as all indigenous people and cultures to showcase the art of preserving the Garifuna culture including all indigenous cultures thru film documentaries art ,music…Read More

Reunion with Mount Everest teammates at American Alpine Club in NYC

Wonderful weekend with climbing teammates from Everest & Cho Oyu at the American Alpine Club 2015 Annual Benefit Dinner in NYC.  Teammates: Jason Vandalen, Tim Igo, Mike Hamill & Greg Vernovage. Alejandra Villagra last year summitted Mount Vinson with Jason and likewise Oksana Galchanskaya summitted Mount Kosciusko with Tim.

American Alpine Club – NYC

With Reinhold Messner who is considered “the greatest climber in history” at the American Alpine Club – Annual Benefit Dinner Weekend. Messner was the keynote speaker entitled ‘Moving Mountains’. He is a mountaineer, adventurer, explorer, and he is renowned for making the first solo ascent of Mount Everest without supplemental oxygen and for being the…Read More

Symposium 2015 Ecole St-Barthélemy

Great morning speaking to the students at Ecole St. Barthélemy about the importance in life of having dreams, setting goals, healthy lifestyle and confidence to pursue anything they want in life. Cheers to each and every one of them for their inspiring questions.

Al Hancock Interview (Canadian Hero)

Canadian Climbing History has been made in the Himalayas 24-May-2014   On May 18th at 8:39 Nepal time, Monique Richard of Montréal, Quebec and Al Hancock of Edmonton, Alberta summited Makalu the fifth highest mountain in the world, at the same time becoming the first Canadians to do so in the history of the Himalayas….Read More

Wonderful Sunny Day Snowshoeing

Great day, but more importantly, great friends Martin Husar and Marc-Antoine Laporte and me snowshoeing from Mont Olympia to the Mountain Cross Lookout and back in ideal cool sunny December weather. Of course a caffé latté in St. Sauveur on the way back. Keeping in shape and enjoying the great pleasures of Nature.  

Mount Washington Single Parents

Foundation Esprit de Corps challenge with 19 single parents. Remarkable strength of character to push through their limits to summit Mt. Washington in winter conditions and to realize what determination, focus and hard work can achieve. Team effort, team spirit and the passion of the coaches made this a reality. Bravo gang.

North Atlantic Crossing St-Malo – Quebec

We did it!  Team Delta: After 14 months of training, August 2nd 2014 we sailed out of St-Malo, France in a VOR 60 (Volvo Ocean Racer) Kevlar mono-hull racing sailboat called Esprit de Corps 11 across the North Atlantic to Quebec under skipper George Leblanc. We are 10 Quebec entrepreneurs who had little or no…Read More

New Challenge – Sail a VOR-60 across the North Atlantic

  After 14 months of training in Quebec city and Montreal, we are ready to sail. We have been mentored by skipper Georges Leblanc  (www.georgesleblanc.com/) and Francois Labarre to man one of the most sophisticated racing boats of its era, a VOR60. It is a carbon fiber mono-hull 65′ racing machine pushing a 100′ mast…Read More

Carstensz Pyramid & Kosciuszko

Mount Carstensz Pyramid    It has been an 8 year project – climbing the Seven Summits – highest mountain on every continent – but I reached that goal on the 19th March 2014. Carstensz Pyramid, 4884m, is in the western Indonesian half of the 2nd largest island in the world Papua New Guinea but simply…Read More

Back Country Nordic Skiing and Snowshoeing

Great weekend of back country skiing and snowshoeing in the Laurentians north of Montreal with Rosanna (Grande) and wonderful friends Hal Myers, Roz Turgeon, Marc-Antoine Laporte. Getting trained and ready to climb Carstensz Pyramid in Papua New Guinea leaving March 7. I will have 5 days minimum hiking through the jungle to reach Carstensz base…Read More

Welcome World

Dare To Reach is Re-Structured & Re-Born Mission Statement: Be bold and always reach for something bigger than yourself. It is not about climbing the biggest mountain, it is about attempting to reach your best at whatever challenge you dare. It is our personal search for balance and meaning in life. _____________________________________________________________________________________ My Personal goals for 2014:…Read More

Visit to Bombardier with CEO

An absolutely brilliant day at Bombardier with Pierre Beaudoin, CEO and President, and my entrepreneur sailing teammates Destination TransAtlantic 2014 – St. Malo to Quebec. Pierre graciously gave us a grand tour of the plant, and displayed an openness rarely seen in such circles. We started at 6am jogging 2x up Westmount, followed by sailing theory for…Read More

Mount Washington-EDC Foundation

  I have the honour and good fortune to serve as a director on Esprit de Corps Foundation in Montreal. We have a program to help struggling working single family parents reach their goal of hiking up Mount Washington in New Hampshire in blustery winter conditions. I have immensely enjoyed helping and being a team…Read More

Mountain Biking Black Star Canyon

Hot sunny California Great day mountain biking with my friend and climbing teammate Mike Chapman. We climbed Cho Oyu in Tibet (2008) and Everest (2010). Mike picked me up Monday morning at Steve Sideroff’s house in Santa Monica, loaned me one of his bikes and we hit his favorite hills in Orange County. Keeping our…Read More

Rafting the Tuolumne, California

Steven Sideroff, a psychologist and friend from UCLA needs to get out of his box. In comes friends Hal Myers, Al Darbonne and myself to join in his adventure to raft down the mighty Tuolumne River as it sorties famous Yosemite National Park. Extraordinary 1000’ V shaped valleys carved out eons ago from glacier melt,…Read More

Fairhurst’s Caper

We pull up to a sandy beach at 3:30 in the afternoon June 8 2013. Our 2nd day rafting down the Tuolumne River in California, just outside the limits of Yosemite National Park. It is a 110 degrees and the sun is in baking mode. We have been running rapids all day – class 5…Read More

Biking Across the Alps

Lago di Garda (Italy) to Bludenz (Austria)   When my windsurfing buddy Hartmut Duerholt from Karlsruhe, Germany invited me to bike south to north across the Alps with him to celebrate his 70th birthday, little did I know what I was getting myself into. Granted, I do hate road biking but love mountain biking –…Read More

Listen to your Gut – Montreal Gazette

Montreal Gazette>Blogs >Life>Move It and Lose It Move It and Lose it Posted by: June Thompson Last month I wrote about Montrealer Ted Fairhurst and his personal goal called the 7 Summit Challenge, to climb the highest mountain on every continent   . http://www.montrealgazette.com/health/diet-fitness/Shaping+Fairhurst+reaching+dream+mountain+time/6953658/story.html He recently climbed number 6, Mount Elbrus in Russia and immediately…Read More

Lenin Peak, Kyrgyzstan

  Where do I start.   I just came off the mountain and I am resting in a small city called Osh in Kyrgyzstan. I pulled the plug 2 days ago (August 18) at Camp 2 (5300m) and decided to follow my gut and not to continue climbing Lenin Peak (7134m), one of the famous…Read More

Mount Elbrus

  Great News Wednesday August 8th 2012 just after noon I reached the summit of Mount Elbrus, the highest mountain in Europe. We had really harsh and dangerous conditions particularly on the descent. This successful summit gets me one big step closer to achieving my goal to climb the 7 Summits. I have now climbed…Read More

The Montreal Gazette – At 65, he’s climbed…

      MONTREAL – “It is not the size of the mountain, it is the size of the dream.”   That is the quote at the end of emails sent by Ted Fairhurst. And it very aptly describes the 65-year-old artist, mountain-climber and world traveller. And in his case, both the mountains and the…Read More


  My 5th mountain of the ‘Seven Summits’ challenge. Mid-January to mid-February 2012 I spent a month in Tanzania first hiking Kibo (Kilimanjaro) Immediately after Kili I went on safari in the Serengeti, Ngorongoro Crater and Lake Manyara. It was simply extraordinary. I could never have imagined that suddenly I would be plunged into such…Read More

Pas d’excuses/ Jean-Pierre Lemaitre

new book ‘Pas d’excuses’ Jean-Pierre Lemaitre February 15, 2011 “You want to make changes in your life, but you say you do not have the time, or it’s not the right time, and in any event it will not work? Are you someone who always find excuses not to act? Well, this little guide is for…Read More

EMSB Press Release

ADVENTURER CAPTIVATES ST. MONICA STUDENTS MONTREAL, NOVEMBER 29, 2010 – Ted Fairhurst, a world renowned adventurer and founder of www.daretoreach.ca,  brought his incredible life story and positive message of determination to the students of St. Monica Elementary School in N.D.G.  recently, encouraging students to find the strength to climb their own metaphorical mountains.  Fairhurst, a…Read More

Video: Daniel Smajovits / EMSB

Watch Video     http://www.vimeo.com/17561421  Ted Fairhurst, a world renowned adventurer and founder of daretoreach.ca, brought his incredible life story and positive message of determination to the students of St. Monica Elementary School in N.D.G. recently, encouraging students to find the strength to climb their own metaphorical mountains. Fairhurst, a graduate of the English Montreal School Board’s Elizabeth…Read More

EMSB/ 27 October 2010

WALK TO SCHOOL Hundreds of students from six elementary schools (Royal Vale, Willingdon and St. Monica in N.D.G,; Elizabeth Ballantyne in Montreal West; St. John Bosco in Ville Émard; and Edward Murphy in Hochelaga-Maisonneuve) skipped the car ride on October 6 to join their peers from around the world and take part in International Walk…Read More

Commission Scolaire/ 6 October 2010

WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 6 ELIZABETH BALLANTYNE GRAD WHO CLIMBED EVEREST TO BE HONOURARY CHAIR OF INTERNATIONAL WALK TO SCHOOL DAY MONTREAL,  SEPTEMBER 13, 2010—  When Ted Fairhurst attended Elizabeth Ballantyne Elementary School in Montreal West 56 years ago, he walked to school several times a day. Many years later he has taken physical fitness to a…Read More

International Walk to School Day

When Ted Fairhurst attended Elizabeth Ballantyne Elementary School (EBS) in Montreal West 56 years ago, he walked to school several times a day. Many years later he has taken physical fitness to a new level, having recently climbed Mount Everest and celebrated his 63rd birthday there. He describes this as one of the most memorable…Read More

The Gazette/ Mike Boone

BY MIKE BOONE, THE GAZETTESEPTEMBER 29, 2010 When he leads west-end students participating in Walk to School Day next week, maybe Ted Fairhurst will slow down to give the kids a break. Fairhurst is 63 and grew up on Westmore Ave. near Somerled Ave. in Notre Dame de Grace. Twice a day, he walked a…Read More


Success on Everest! May 28, 2010, Kathmandu Great news!!!! I still am trying to believe it. I summited Mount Everest at 8:15am on the 23rd May. It was certainly one of the most difficult challenges of my life, and it was definitely the most technical and dangerous climb I have ever done. Fortunately, I am…Read More

Mount Everest

The Everest challenge was everything and more than my original expectations. Heading back up the Khumbu Valley after 40 years (December 1969) and especially arriving in Namche Bazaar, was a moving moment for me. That original experience of trekking to Everest Base Camp alone 40 years ago and having a dream, even if it was…Read More

On our way to the summit

Good news. We are on our way to the summit very soon, tomorrow at 3am is the plan. The weather forecast is promising. It is just a question of team planning and final weather analysis. The Jet Stream is moving north and the window is opening. The final dynamics are unfolding and we will all…Read More

Pumo Ri to Kala Patthar

Today 5 of us hiked, by way of Pumo Ri to Kala Patthar. It is a 4 ½ hour hike over scree and boulders to a summit pinnacle with spectacular views of the Khumbu Valley, Khumbu Glacier, Base Camp and Everest itself. It is effectively a panoramic view of the entire area. We are still…Read More

Still waiting at Base Camp…

We are still here at BC waiting for our weather window to make our summit bid. Tuesday and Wednesday, both night and day, there were very high winds at BC, probably 50-60 mph in the gusts. The winds coming off the top of Everest were of course much higher. We were mostly confined to our…Read More

Stuck, but ready to climb

Stuck but ready to climb Everest. We are well fed, rested, but nowhere to go until the weather high on the mountain improves. Winds and a low pressure system are preventing us from starting our attack for the summit. Late this week is a maybe. Already it is 6 weeks since leaving home, we are…Read More


Alas, we are heading home to comfortable Base Camp. The “Dream Team” !!! Jason, Eben & myself, left at 4:30am down the Western Cwm blazing fresh tracts in about 6” of new snow. In the early light of dawn, with the white duskiness and new white snow, the visibility was deceiving, and identifying the cracks…Read More


  Storms during the night, but at 4:30 this morning it started to clear, we ate breakfast and hiked up to the Lhotse Bergschrund, descended into it and climbed it’s 90 degree pitch, crossed a narrow snowy ledge and then continued to climb the very steep rock solid blue ice of the Lhotse Face to…Read More

Camp 2

  At 2am this morning we had planned to get up and climb the Lhotse face to C3. It had snowed lightly all night, but at 2am there was lightning and thunder with high winds pounding our tents. It is now 3pm in the afternoon and the winds and snow have continued all day. We…Read More

Back to Base Camp

  Great to get back to BC yesterday. Ate well. Slept well. Unfortunately, it is colder and cloudier than usual. Nevertheless, our Sherpa cook is great. And I can email and update the site with some terrific new photos taken with a helmet-mounted camera I finally figured out how to use. The shots really give…Read More

More from Base Camp…and off again.

  Tomorrow Friday morning at 2:30am we head back up the mountain (Ice Fall) for 1 night at C1, Saturday C2, Sunday we will push up the Lhotse Face (23,500’) to C3, Monday climb higher toward C4 but return to C2 to sleep. Expect to drop back down to BC Tuesday. This will be our…Read More

Half way up to C3…

  This morning we climbed about half way up to C3 and approximately 1/5 up the Lhotse Face. It was awesome. Crossing the bergschrund (crevasse where the steep face of a glacier meets a more moderate slope) we crossed by ladder and up almost a 90o ice wall, traversed a very narrow ledge, then climbed…Read More

“Sliced Roast Lamb with Minted Gravy”

  Sunny and cold day. Water bottles froze inside our tents last nite. This morning we hiked up near the Lhotse Face for a bit more acclimatization. Can see the Sherpa Rope Doctors putting in anchors and rope high up the Lhotse Face. It is pretty mean looking up through all the seracs. We won’t…Read More

C1 to C2…up the Western Cym

  At 7 this morning we moved out of C1 for C2 up the Western Cym. The Khumbu Glacier starts high up the Lhotse Face, falls very steeply down to the foot of the mountain, and then flows downhill – called the Western Cym – in the valley between Everest (29,035’), Lhotse (27,939’) and Nupse…Read More

Camp 1, 19,500′

  There were high winds last night, probably 50 mph (80Km) almost all night. This morning we did a hike up the Western Cym to about half way to C2 (extra acclimatization) and then returned to C1 to sleep. The crevasses here are huge. You have to cross over these deep cracks either by jumping…Read More

Turning 63 on Everest

  Son of a gun, it’s my birthday. Thank you all for your comments and feedback throughout my site. It’s difficult for me to post replies directly as the internet connection from base camp is limited … but do know that I appreciate your support greatly! This morning I unzipped my tent door and saw…Read More

High-altitude ice-axe horserocks!

  Today, the 16th April- is a rest day. Tim and Eben just created a new game called “high-altitude ice ax horserocks”. The object is to throw 3 rocks and hit the ice ax (1 point) or drop the rock in the ice ax hole (3 points). Tim, Kancha and Eben against Dasona, Sandtosh and…Read More

More from Base Camp

  After 1 rest day at BC we headed back down the valley and over some hills to the foot of Mt. Lobuche base camp 16,000’. Next morning the 14th, we practiced some climbing technical exercises and early afternoon headed up to high camp 17,000’. At 3am the next morning we rose, ate and by…Read More

Base Camp

  Got here yesterday. We are having our Puja Ceremony this morning. Will try to send out photos later today. I have being having a problem with internet connection. We leave tomorrow for our 1st rotation, will climb Mt. Lobuche.

Gorak Shep (5,140m)

  We arrived in Gorak Shep this morning and immediately hiked up to Kala Patthar 18,200’ (5550m). Both have spectacular views of Everest, Base Camp, the famous (infamous) Ice Fall, and the Khumbu Glacier. This was also another step to acclimatize more. Tomorrow we move up and into Base Camp. We are all looking forward…Read More


Arrived yesterday at Lobuche 16,200’ (4,950m). Forty years ago when I was last here, this small seasonal settlemenst did not exist. Since a number of years many ‘rest-house villages’ have sprung up to serve the many trekkers who come up hiking in the Khumbu and on to Everest Base Camp. For our last night in…Read More

Team Members

  Today is a ‘working’ rest day. We hiked up a 1000’ this morning to acclimatize a bit more. I went with Phu Tashi to his village of Dingboche to visit his family and have some lunch. We are high up the Khumbu Valley now. Only low shrubs growing, rocky and windblown. Read-on for short…Read More

Blessings from Lama Geshe and a first shower.

  WOW, I just had my 1st shower since Namche. Feeling like a million bucks. And there is internet connection available by the minute. We arrived at 1pm today in Pheriche (14,400’). We left Namche Bazaar April 4th and trekked far up the valley to Tesing, ate lunch in a tea house by the Dudh…Read More

A rest day …

  Saturday is a rest day so I can take some time to better detail Thursday’s update. We are spending 3 nites at Namche (11,300’) to acclimatize. We have to gradually increase altitude up to Base Camp (17,500′). By the time you read this, we will have moved up to Deboche (12,400’) on Sunday. By…Read More

Namche Bazaar

  Wow, it has only been 5 days since I left Montreal, but it feels like weeks. 25+ hours in the air, another 17 hours in airports. Arrived in Kathmandu at noon March 29. In the L.A. Thai Airlines check-in I met Phil and Sue Erschler, and Eric Simonson. Phil is a legend in climbing…Read More

Mount Everest Challenge 2010

The DREAM Forty years ago I spent over 32 days alone trekking over Himalayan mountain passes, climbing up the Khumbu Glacier to 19,000’ to the foot of the Mother Goddess of the Universe, Mount Everest. For 40 years Everest has been in my heart and mind. I have always wondered if someday I would return to…Read More

Mount Vinson

  ANTARCTICA – WOW, what an Awesome World! January 5, 2009, I received an email from Phil Ershler at IMG offering me to join an expedition to climb Mount Vinson, the highest mountain in Antarctica. I was to replace another climber who was unable to go. Only trouble was – I had to leave in…Read More

Mount Denali

  For some non apparent reason my sub-conscious restlessness drives me to challenge myself physically and emotionally and usually in faraway places. This time it was the acclaimed and magnificent mountain Denali (Mount McKinley) 20,320′ in Alaska. At 63 degrees north bordering the Arctic Circle, it is light for almost 24 hours a day this…Read More


The exciting thing about high altitude climbing is not really the details from day to day, like the raging river crossings, moving up and down from camp to camp, radical weather changes, equipment issues, etc., etc. These details are, of course, the wonderful stuff that fill up your memory box and photo albums. In my…Read More