At 7 this morning we moved out of C1 for C2 up the Western Cym. The Khumbu Glacier starts high up the Lhotse Face, falls very steeply down to the foot of the mountain, and then flows downhill – called the Western Cym – in the valley between Everest (29,035’), Lhotse (27,939’) and Nupse (25,800’). It continues at the bottom of the valley taking an abrupt right and drops sharply to become the Khumbu Ice Fall. Likewise, at the bottom it turns 90 degrees left (Everest Base Camp) and flows for miles down the Khumbu Valley. Getting caught in the Western Cym late morning can literally bake you because the sun reflects off the ice and the surroundings peaks. The Western Cym is laced with crevasses of all sizes. They run in different directions, some only a foot wide, others you cross by ladders or descend into.

The 3 hour hike was not so long, but in the thin air, it was not easy. At C2 we are literally at the foot of Everest. At night, with the moon out, it is a magical setting. The moonlight radiates off Everest, Lhotse and Nupse and creates a magnificence that’s truly incredible.

Don’t forget to check-out some of my new pictures. I’m really stoked about my new helmet cam which takes some fantastic shots!

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