D Day has arrived. Flying to ANTARCTICA today to climb the highest volcano on the Ice Continent. CRAZY – yes. But as a friend with MS said, “I wish I could still be crazy”. I am lucky indeed at 70 years old to have such an opportunity to still be fit and able to break barriers and reach lofty goals on some of the most isolated and extreme frontiers on the planet. Why do I do it. My hope is to make a clear statement that regardless of age, sex or any other factor, we all have in us great strength to reach goals far beyond our expectations. But it takes a decision to ‘go for it’. It is not a dream at night. It is a dream by day. To dare to reach as far as the imagination allows. It is about being alive and taking advantage of all we can be, and not regret what we could have been.

If I can poke young or old to take a chance on pushing their edge to reach pride in themselves, believe me – I will be inspired. As a board member at Esprit de Corps Foundation I saw so many faces filled with joy of accomplishment after climbing Mt. Washington in the winter. They were single parents who were determined to know who they really were. And the experience of pushing through barriers and hardship to reach their summit changed them forever. But it takes starting down that road to learn and grow.

Mount Sidley is in the remote Marie Byrd Land of the Executive Committee Range in Antarctica. This is my #6 volcano of my challenge to climb all the Volcanic 7 Summits (V7S) in one year at 70. Please follow and show your support to help me reach all those who DARE TO DREAM.