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In 1983 I plunged into creating my own business in real estate. With no capital but a lot of will power, I somehow built a sizable company mostly on faith and determination alone. Having been a struggling artist for many years taught me the values of self-motivation and creative thinking. The time was ripe to explore and dare a whole new unknown potential in me. Through hard work, managing within my financial parameters, pushing on through thick and thin, finding answers when seemingly impossible problems arose, one step at a time got me over the hump to building a successful business. Give it your all and you will be surprized at what is possible. When I think back, I realize how lucky I am to have always seen life from the perspective of a glass half-full. My attitude has been to just ‘go for it’. Of course, I have had my share of failures but I would not have done it any other way. I believe balance is really the key. Being positive and enthusiastic does not mean stretching foolishly beyond your limits or reason. Going outside your ‘comfort zone’ is great. Making sure your eyes are wide open so as not to peril body and limb is even greater.

City of Montreal Heritage Real Estate Recognition Awards (1992).

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