Garifuna International Film Festival

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Delighted that 2 of my videos are playing at Garifuna Film Festival 2015

Mt. Everest ICE FALL:
Kilimanjaro/ Maasai:

City of Los Angeles Proclaims May 26 Garifuna International Film Day

Garifuna Film Festival-2015

When an indigenous culture dies out the world loses language, art and a rich history that adds color to the world. Freda Siederoff has been working hard to change that. As a member of the Garifuna Culture she knows all to well the value of intangible heritages. She has chosen film as a medium for communication and expression, giving a voice to a sector of society that many forget about. Out of this desire the Garifuna Internation Film Festival was born.

City of Los Angeles, the film capital of the world Proclaims May 26 Garifuna International Film Day.

Garifuna Film Festival will allow Garifuna as well as all indigenous people and cultures to showcase the art of preserving the Garifuna culture including all indigenous cultures thru film documentaries art ,music and dance screens feature films & short films as well as share and learn from others the art of cultural preservation.

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