A true work of art that brings together breathtaking photos but especially the life chapters of two mountain climbers and their challenges. A completely bilingual English / French book that inspires, motivates and pushes you to take action.

In this luxury limited edition, the authors will make you travel through images from around the globe. Their stories of mountains and adventures will deliver a new true story perspective on how to make your craziest dreams come true.

The book is playful and will test you. Knowing when to change your perspective will come in handy while reading certain chapters. Enjoy the pop-up content with our QR codes that you can scan from any smartphone camera or tablet. We will transport you with sound and videos.

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Our upcoming workshops with Mr. Theodore Fairhurst. Entrepreneur, artist, high-altitude mountaineer, public speaker, Theodore is especially known for climbing the 7 Summits and Volcanic 7 Summits, including Mount Everest. His Everest Ice Fall GoPro video has reached more than 3.6 million people.


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