Update on the Volcanic Seven Summits – Theodore Fairhurst

I am able to report on another person who has completed the Volcanic Seven Summits. That person is Ted Fairhurst from Canada. Regular readers of my blog will recall that I mentioned in February that Ted was having difficulties with the weather on Ojos del Salado. Ultimately the weather defeated him at that time.

But Ted has been back to Chile and he managed to reach the top of Ojos on 9th December 2018.  In so doing, Ted has become the oldest person to complete the Volcanic Seven Summits and also the oldest person to complete the Volcanic Seven Summits/Seven Summits combination at the age of 71.  Yes 71!  He is also the second Canadian to complete the Volcanic Seven Summits after Paul Nicholson.

Ted’s original hope was to climb all seven of the volcanoes whilst he was 70.  He started out by climbing Elbrus for a second time (it is also one of the Seven Summits) on 2nd June 2017.  So he has actually climbed all seven volcanoes in around 18 months.

So I have updated the list of completers and this is set out below.

We can anticipate at least two more completers in January when ALE run their trip to Mount Sidley.  I will post another blog or two about this trip later in the month.


Climber, nationality and age at completion Date of final summit Final summit Date of first summit
Mario Trimeri (Italy) (58) 24th January 2011 Mount Sidley 23rd August 2005
Crina Popescu (Romania) (16) 24th January 2011 Mount Sidley 23rd July 2008
Vyechaslav Adrov (Russia) (50) 18th January 2013 Mount Sidley 8th January 2010
Aleks Abramov (Russia) (47) 13th September 2013 Mount Giluwe 3rd May 1991
Olga Rumyantseva (Russia) (36) 9th December 2013 Ojos del Salado 14th August 1994
Vitaliy Simonovic (Russia) (42) 19th December 2013 Ojos del Salado 26th February 2012
François Bernard (Fr) (49) 17th January 2014 Mount Sidley Not known
Sophie Cairns (UK) (32) 10th June 2014 Elbrus 28th December 2013
Paul Nicholson (Canada) (50) 5th December 2014 Ojos del Salado 7th August 2005
Liana Chabdarova (Russia) (28) 12th January 2015 Ojos del Salado 29th August 2013
Andrey Filkov (Russia) (49) 16th September 2015 Damavand 2nd May 2007
James Stone (UK) (59) 14th January 2017 Mount Sidley 23rd February 2014
Daniel Bull (Australia) (36) 27thApril 2017 Ojos del Salado 6th March 2006
Katie Sarah (Australia) (49) 14th January 2018 Mount Sidley 3rd September 2010
David Hamilton (UK) (56) 10th February 2018 Ojos del Salado April 1992
Ted Fairhurst (Canada) (71) 9th December 2018 Ojos del Salado 25th January 2012


Aleks Abramov, Vitaliy Simonovic, Dan Bull and Ted Fairhurst have also completed the seven continental summits (both Carstenz and Kosciuszko versions).

Mario Trimeri, François Bernard and David Hamilton have completed the seven continental summits (Carstenz version).

Andrey Filkov and Katie Sarah have completed the seven continental summits (Kosciuszko version).