Tomorrow Friday morning at 2:30am we head back up the mountain (Ice Fall) for 1 night at C1, Saturday C2, Sunday we will push up the Lhotse Face (23,500’) to C3, Monday climb higher toward C4 but return to C2 to sleep. Expect to drop back down to BC Tuesday. This will be our last rotation before our summit bid. Hopefully we will be sufficiently acclimatized after this rotation to get to the summit.

We are all well rested after 4 days rest at BC and excited to go back up.

The days are ticking down now after almost 5 weeks leaving home.

Attached are a few photos from BC yesterday before dinner, at dinner, and a shot of the moon over Everest from the day before.

Really a big hello to everyone who is following. Although it is tough, I think we all know that this is one of the most profound and exciting challenges of our lives. This is living outside of our comfort zones. Jason qualifies it as 5 zip codes over! CHEERS.

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