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After 1 rest day at BC we headed back down the valley and over some hills to the foot of Mt. Lobuche base camp 16,000’. Next morning the 14th, we practiced some climbing technical exercises and early afternoon headed up to high camp 17,000’. At 3am the next morning we rose, ate and by 4am using our headlights started climbing slanted and scary rock slab for 1000’… …

At 18,000’ we donned our crampons at the bottom of the glacier and climbed 2,000’ up the steep, jagged ice to a spectacular sharp-edged faux summit. I say faux because there is a triple ridged summit and the other one is slightly higher. Our goal here on Lobuche is team building and acclimatization, not the dangerous traverse to the absolute summit. To give you an idea of the size of these peaks, Denali in Alaska (highest mountain in North America) is 20,320’.

By afternoon we all got back down to base camp exhausted and famished. Generally, we agreed that Lobuche is an underestimated climb. The Sherpa cook made us a fabulous dinner.


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