I summited Mount Damāvand in Iran yesterday 29 September 2017. It is the highest volcano in Asia at 5610m. It is now no. 3 in my challenge at 70 to climb the Volcanic Seven Summits in one year. Elbrus and Kilimanjaro completed in May/ June.

Summit of Mt. Damavand with Babak Kheirjoo

I climbed it in 3 days only, which is quite fast for this size of mountain. Winds were about 75kph. At the summit the mountain emits powerful Sulfuric smoke and gas as seen in the photo.

Sulfuric gas cloud

Damavand is very near the Caspian Sea which dramatically impacts its weather and has a special place In Persian Mythology. It is a potentially active volcano.

Tomorrow I fly to Papua New Guinea to climb Mount Giluwe, the highest in Oceania.

Our lives are based on DEFINING MOMENTS. But they are only defining when we have acted on those moments.

Climbing Mt. Damavand was great. Experiencing culture and people in the raw is so rich. On the mountain i met so many extraordinary and welcoming people. Knowing I was from Canada they opened their arms. I was touched when one man gave me his trail mix just in passing. Mr. Hosenpur from the Pulur Climbing Federation embraced me and said I was the 1st Canadian in more than 5 years to climb Damavand. It is very dear to Iranians and I met a woman climbing the mountain who is a doctor from Tehran who pushed herself to the extreme to realize her dream to climb Damavand. I feel honored to see such beauty and greatness in the world.