Forty years ago I spent over 32 days alone trekking over Himalayan mountain passes, climbing up the Khumbu Glacier to 19,000’ to the foot of the Mother Goddess of the Universe, Mount Everest. For 40 years Everest has been in my heart and mind. I have always wondered if someday I would return to climb this great mountain. Finally this year, I am going back to climb the ‘Mountain of my Dreams’.

I believe it is possible, at any age or circumstance, to Dare to Reach the great challenges of a lifetime. Just ‘go for it’. My road has been to search out goals, to push beyond the horizon, to DARE, to REACH, to DISCOVER.



I hope my journey of pushing my limits, getting out of my ‘comfort zone’, will inspire others of all ages, to Dare to Reach their dreams.Whether you push your absolute limit or your personal best, the key is not the size of the mountain, but whether you climb a mountain at all. Just get out of the door and ‘go for it’.

My expedition begins in Kathmandu on the 29th of March 2010. We must transport tons of gear, food and supplies by yaks to Everest Base Camp for our two month long climbing challenge.

You can follow us right here on where I will be blogging throughout the expedition via satellite link.



You can also read more on I am working with Esprit de Corps Foundation on a fundraising cause to inspire and train 10 struggling working single parents to rebuild their lives and motivation. After 5 months of training we will collectively do a 5 day challenge of the 9 summits of the Presidential Range including Mount Washington (New Hampshire) in December 2010.