Proud to have climbed Mount Washington Saturday April 3 & 4 with Foundation Esprit de Corps Single Parent program Team Cohort 9. Hurricane force winds 75-100mph (120-150km) forced us to turn around just before the summit. The team showed such strength of will and determination under very difficult conditions and they are a brilliant example and inspiration to their kids and families alike. Bravo.

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Participants: Marie-Claude Arès, Catherine Avezard, Anne-Marie Jacques, Danielle Lalancette, Anneliese Pauparelis, Vincent Quichon, Isabelle Therrien, Bouchra Serhir, Manon Barberis, Myriam Busson, Benoît Toupin, Devina Singh, Tania Asselin, St-Arneault.

Guides: Gauthier Da Silva, Caroline Côte, Ariane Lavoie, Jimmy Innocent.

Photographer: Maxime La Grim’s Grimard.

Myself: godfather:))