Finally my 2nd attempt climbing Ojos del Salado has failed. She is proving to be a very tough nut to crack. My first attempt February 14th I got within 75m from the technical summit (6908m) but was turned back by an impending snowstorm. February 23rd at 11pm my Chilean guide Ismael Sepulveda and I left high camp Tejos (5837m) and started our 2nd summit push. It was minus 25 degrees with a nasty wind in our face. We climbed all night and realized at around 6500m we were both suffering hypothermia. We were on a steep slope unable to rest and warm ourselves. Besides that I realized I had lost too much acclimatization since the 1st attempt. Even though I had taken steps to keep acclimated, they were not enough. I felt my lungs and body screaming for more oxygen. We sadly realized it was not to be.

I have been exceptionally lucky over the years to succeed on my first attempts climbing all the Seven Summits – Everest 2010; Denali 2007; Vinson 2009; Aconcagua 2006; Elbrus 2012; Carstensz Pyramid 2014; Kilimanjaro 2012. Now this last year my new challenge to climb all the Volcanic Seven Summits in one year at 70, I have also been able to summit on my first go 6 of the 7 peaks – Elbrus (2nd time; Kili 2nd time; Damavand; Giluwe; Orizaba and Sidley. Had I reached Ojos del Salado summit i would have broken several world records. However, what I believe in, and what I speak about in life, is taking on real challenges. The whole thing about a challenge is that it is unpredictable. It is about hardship, risk and suffering. It is not suppose to be easy. You get out of life what you are willing to put into it. So poking yourself to discover your inner strengths builds a rich character that nobody can take away from you. That is the beauty of it. Although I feel I could have done more, I also know the mountain is not going anywhere and I hope to be back later this year to try again. I have been humbled but I sense it is testing me to see if I have the mojo to push on.

So thanks for all your support and encouraging words. They meant a lot to me. I love challenges and Ojos del Salado is no exception. I have, I can tell you, a huge amount of respect for her. This challenge is not over. 7 of 7 is still in the cards. 

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Amit Kotecha Keep strong bro. You will succeed. Just need faith and the right opportunity.

Andrew Thomas

Andrew Thomas Wow Theodore Fairhurst
You’re a trooper and quite the athlete to be able to do all that !
I’m glad you’re ok !! 

Shevy Warren I am still impressed ????

Alex Shoumatoff Too bad, Ted, but it’s still there and you’re still here. You’ll make it!

Richard Doyle
Richard Doyle You’re world class mental toughness and no quit attitude of victory is amazing. If anyone can accomplish these records it is you!

Emmanuel Daigle
Emmanuel Daigle It’s always a great success to be able to climb down and try again. It takes much more courage to say NO to a summit than to climb it in perfect weather. In my opinion, it is your best climb because you’ll learn much more from this mountain. Keep on climbing and never give up on your dream. :)
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Theodore Fairhurst
Theodore Fairhurst

Jennifer Ford-Fairhurst
Jennifer Ford-Fairhurst To say you are a true inspiration is such an understatement. You have accomplished more with the mountains you’ve conquered (and didn’t) and by the integrity, drive, and discipline you live your life with, than the majority of people I know. Record holder or not, my family will always see you as the BEST!!! Can’t wait to hear of your adventures first hand. Much love❤

Rosanna Grande
Rosanna Grande

Isabelle Durand
Isabelle Durand Il n’y a pas de mots pour dire combien ta force de détermination est extraordinaire…respect!

Tavia Tolleson
Tavia Tolleson Bravo for your courage, wisdom, determination and grit. Amazing!

..Sonia Pivetta
Sonia Pivetta It takes real courage to know when you must stop. However, like you said, you will try again! True determination and I believe you will succeed!

Jérémie Devinant
Jérémie Devinant Wow ted you are so inspiring, you should do a movie from that to spread this way of life!

Marc-Antoine Laporte
Marc-Antoine Laporte Ted, a mountain is only a mountain. Mother Nature is the one shuffling the cards. Like a poker game, you don’t always have winning hands, and don’t always succeed with best cards in hand. The game with Ojos is not over, you’ve played your chips right and have only folded 2 hands. Cheers ??

Veronica Baruffati
Veronica Baruffati I am sure you have the mucho mojo to conquer Ojos ….interesting that you refer to this summit as a she….”ojos del salado”, literally “ eyes of the salty one (male)”….either way, s/he obviously wants to see you again. Lucky #3, Ted. Yough, brave and wise decision to turn back.

Veronica Baruffati
Veronica Baruffati Theodore Fairhurst ??

Hernan Leal
Hernan Leal You will do it Ted and it is very intelligent to stop when you have to do it., this volcano will be waiting for you buddy!

Jean-Philippe Turgeon
Jean-Philippe Turgeon Thank you for the rich experience and these strong words… You will Summit 7of7!

Ali Shafa
Ali Shafa Next time inshallah

Joshua Noya
Joshua Noya Respect ????

Katherine Snow
Katherine Snow I can only second what both Emmanuel Daigle and Jennifer Ford-Fairhurst have already expressed. You show great courage, not just the kind one reads about in record books, but the personal strength and courage it takes to believe in yourself. ?

Bud Hansen
Bud Hansen You should be proud of what you’ve accomplished!❤

Gordon Finlay
Gordon Finlay Happy to see you have courage and wisdom!

Alana J. Hansen
Alana J. Hansen Congrats are still in order for your massive accomplishments?

Earl Ford
Earl Ford You will accomplish your objective just keep on working hard any have faith

Silvana Rossi
Silvana Rossi You have accomplished more than anyone of us could ever imagine. You are already there in my eyes!!! I so admire you! Now hurry back we have plans to make ! Lol!

John Gradek
John Gradek An amazing hero in my eyes, Ted! OJOS yet awaits your conquering spirit! And welcome home!
Alexandre Forgues
Alexandre Forgues Good job Ted, you are an inspiration ! We are happy that you come back to us in one piece ?

Philippe Lefebvre
Philippe Lefebvre You are and will still be my mentor Theodore.

Stéphanie Benoit
Stéphanie Benoit Continue intelligemment Théodore, c’est le plus bel exemple! Whatever time it takes!!!

Drew Harrison
Drew Harrison As the old comediennes said “LEAVE EM WANTING MORE” safe travel

Sajish GP
Sajish GP Do it.

Julie Fairhurst
Julie Fairhurst Brilliant work Ted! Very proud and inspired by your work ethic. Yes indeed you will try again but let’s get you to Italy first! Congratulations on your amazing achievements ❤

Allan Fairhurst
Allan Fairhurst Ted, while sorry to hear didn’t quite make it this time, we are very very happy you are safe and sound back in Montreal. The awareness to know your position and the limits although severely stretched is a real strength. As you say the 7th Volcano is still there and not going anywhere. Look forward to seeing you and Rosanna.

John S. Dahlem
John S. Dahlem Ted….keep the “mojo” and follow that journey and remember getting to the top is nice, but getting down is mandatory. The volcano is still there and you will be back you “young whipper snapper!”

Robert Michaud
Robert Michaud Awesome feed-back! You are so a inspiration for us!
Love u man!

Jessie D’Aigle
Jessie D’Aigle What a journey, we can only imagine how unbelievably challenging this must be. I’m freezing just reading what you wrote. :-)

Josée Groulx
Josée Groulx La prochaine fois sera la bonne. Dans la vie à l’occasion nous devons reculer de deux pas pour mieux avancer .Je vous dis LA PROCHAINE FOIS SERA LÀ BONNE.

Veronique Landry
Veronique Landry You are really a source of inspiration!! I admire everything you’ve accomplished!!

Katie Sarah
Katie Sarah Sorry to hear it didn’t go to plan…but heading home afterwards safe and sound is a successful trip! The hill will be there another day.

Gilles Cote
Gilles Cote I am happy to read your analysis… 
i am inpired by your journey.. 
for me the mountain is not important what counts is what the mountain represents… a chalenge to push yourself… to reach your limits… getting to the summit is not and should not be the the achievement… i am going to say a very classic lic but it is so through the success is not in the success but in the journee… you know it so much more than we all do. We just went through the Olympic and only 3 individuals won medals for each competition but all the other athletes have achieved so much… The journey is what counts and your journey is so impressive I am in awe of your achievements, your willpower, your capacity to set objectives out of the reach of normal individuals… but this is not important these are objectives to chalange yourself and if tou were to succeed all the time then it may mean your objectives may be too low for you… failure is a success you have set objectives that challenged you and this to me is the success… 
i am happy you are safe succeeding or not this climb is something internal within you… 
congratulation for all your achievements as an individual .. we are all privileged to know you…

Matthew Gordon
Matthew Gordon Almost there!

Cheryl Bart
Cheryl Bart What a mighty effort ! As the Sherpas say “ the mountain will be there another day “… and I’m positive you will be successful another time . You are so inspirational Ted … and this expedition too. And safe and sound for the next adventure !

Martin Husar
Martin Husar Glad you’re safe Ted ?? And because of that, your journey is still in progress — Ojos will welcome you another day ✨

Elaine Kitteridge
Elaine Kitteridge A wise decision Ted. You conquered the mountain either way!

Steve Acre
Steve Acre Ted, you are my Hero. Just the fact that you give it all, is inspiring. God Bless and hope to see you soon in Montreal, Steve Acre

Tiea Rudyk
Tiea Rudyk Theodore Fairhurst your such an inspiration! You set goals and you achieve them! Your amazing and I’m so proud of you and everything amazing that you do! ❤

Freda Sideroff
Freda Sideroff You are resilient Theodore Fairhurst

Hal K. Myers
Hal K. Myers What a valiant effort. Knowing your resolve, you’ll be back at it soon.

Hal K. Myers
Hal K. Myers Looking forward to your return.
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Darren Fairhurst
Darren Fairhurst This is going to be your story! So proud of you Ted!
Can’t wait to talk with you!

Jacques Wibrin
Jacques Wibrin What a challenge, the only thing i can tell you is respect. The mountain did not let you wins her summit, and you respect the situation. It’s all at your honnor. But soon, you will be able to get to the summit safely. Thumbs up Ted.

Gaële Cluzel-Gouriou
Gaële Cluzel-Gouriou Bravo!!! You obviously keep making sound decisions. You are indeed an example of determination, wisdom and persistence.

Lucho Platania
Lucho Platania · 2 mutual friends
Jorge García capa llegabamos

Jimmy Vls
Jimmy Vls I am sure you are going to finish the 7 Volcanic Summits, so I will too.

Jimmy Vls
Jimmy Vls Next July I am going back to Mt. Giluwe for sure and then December Mt. Sidney hopefully

Jimmy Vls
Jimmy Vls Let’s keep in touch dear Ted

Chris Burrows
Chris Burrows Well Ted it was an incredible and inspiring story you shared with us the past twelve months. Welcome home.

Michael Hamill
Michael Hamill Well said Theodore Fairhurst and way to stay tough and positive! The only way we know we are pushing ourselves in life is to risk failure. You’ll get it eventually. We’re all in awe of what you do!
Greg Harris
Greg Harris Great expedition recount and congrats on the other summits. You’ll get Ojos next time.