We are still here at BC waiting for our weather window to make our summit bid. Tuesday and Wednesday, both night and day, there were very high winds at BC, probably 50-60 mph in the gusts. The winds coming off the top of Everest were of course much higher. We were mostly confined to our tents. Yesterday, Thursday we found a nice 50’ wall on the glacier and practiced front-pointing up it to get us moving and out of the tents. After so many weeks of being so active, hiking into here, climbing Lobuche, 2 rotations up to C3, etc, it is really tough having to wait out so long at BC. We are all anxious to get climbing.

In terms of the weather, the problem is the Jet Stream. It is sitting right on top of Everest. It moves a bit north or south, sometimes up and down, but generally it is so close the winds stay high. The other problem is the monsoons. Storms usually generate in the Bay of Bengal and then come ripping a thousand miles up here and blast the mountain. However, fortunately there has been no sign of the monsoons forming yet.

It does look like we have a summit window between the 23rd to the 27th. We will need to be in place at C3 to make our strike. That means another 4 or 5 days here before we head back up the mountain. It is very encouraging but it still feels a long way off.

Base Camp has many international expeditions, and a helicopter flies in most mornings to take someone out who has experienced some health issues.

I hope that the next time I report we will be on our way to the top. We certainly are eager to get our chance. Wish us luck. On Everest, so many factors determine your odds. The strongest or fittest are not always the ones who make it. Bye for now. Ted