Thursday 21 December 2017 I successfully summited Mount Orizaba (5636m/ 18491’) in Mexico. After 5 days of acclimatizing on volcanoes  Iztaccilhuatl and Orizaba itself, we finally had a long 18 hour day climbing from high camp (16900′) up the glacier to the summit and back down to low camp in the dark. The glacier was very icy and we needed to belay down the 1500′ to the rocks. I must admit I had nothing left in me at the end. Team: Michael Hamill, guide; Tim Igo; Zav Mahlum; Clint Kugler; Mat Wood; Kent Stewart; Andrew Gregory; myself Theodore Fairhurst.

This makes #5 in my year challenge to climb all 7 of the Volcanic 7 Summits in one year at 70 years old. This project began last May 2017. I am scheduled to fly to Antarctica early January 2018 to Mt. Sidley and then after I come off the Ice Continent I plan to go directly to Ojos del Salada, the highest volcano in the world, on the border between Chile and Argentina.




I have had the great fortune over the years to climb many mountains and volcanoes around the world, and just a few days ago this high-altitude volcano Orizaba (5636m/ 18491’) in Mexico, the highest in North America. These opportunities and challenges to climb mountains has certainly enriched me in ways I may never fully realize. One thing I know is I am very lucky to have the desire and spirit to choose this lifestyle for myself. I have encouraged family and friends to reach out past their grasp to discover the great strength we all have within us. We are bombarded everyday to live up to others demands and expectations and we can lose sight of why we are here and how unique we all are. If we are not inspired everyday to be all that we can, then we are losing special time, and time is measured. Life doesn’t care if you are happy or sad, and being both is life, so taking control of your direction entirely rests in your own hands. Don’t count on a bigger or smaller power to help you realize your profound greatness. It is not a question of quantity of pursuits but it is a question of quality of achievement. Reaching the summit is really cool, but getting out there daring and pushing your limit is the real great.

Being out in NATURE is my way to achieve this balance. Studies clearly demonstrate its healing power. However, there are many avenues available to challenge and learn about ourselves. The key I think is not to be afraid to poke our fears and doubts and move our confidence level continuously higher to the next degree. There are many ways to describe it: passion for life, go for it: get out of your comfort zone: follow your dreams: but the point is to be alive and getting the most and best from yourself. I am no guru but that seems obvious to me. Use it or lose it – mind, body and soul. Make high expectations of yourself. What do you have to lose that you can’t build stronger. You can be more than you think you can be.


I wish everyone an INSPIRED 2018.