Talk to Cadillac Dealers of Canada

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I recently had the pleasure to speak to Cadillac Canada and its entrepreneur dealers from across Canada at the Sofitel Hotel. Cadillac has partnered with Group Esprit De Corps to lift the bar on personal achievement in its ‘DARE GREATLY’ campaign and encourage its Canadian Dealers to take on great personal challenges.

The first such challenge was climbing Mount Washington in winter, March 4 to 6 2016. I had the pleasure to join them and witness the team bond and strength of character of every participant. BRAVO.


Particpants: Jay Mckeen; Dan Broderick; Kevin Duriaux; Jason Sledziewski; Chris Budd; Dominique Boucher; Don Moloney; Francois Levac; James Ricci; Lee Wittick; Peter W Collins; Scott Macdonald; Mahmoud Samara.
Guides, (Group Esprit De Corps): Samuel Ostiguy; Pascal Eric Herve; Gautier Da Silva; Aviva Lavallee; Gilles Barbot

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