Turning 63 on Everest



Son of a gun, it’s my birthday. Thank you all for your comments and feedback throughout my site. It’s difficult for me to post replies directly as the internet connection from base camp is limited … but do know that I appreciate your support greatly!

This morning I unzipped my tent door and saw such a magnificent view of glacier, towering mountains and the awesome Everest Ice Fall. It was sunny and getting warm fast. What a great way to turn 63! Albeit, I miss family today, yet this is such a wonderful birthday present to be part of such an incredible challenge. And an anniversary of sorts that 40 years ago I stood alone close to the same spot I woke up this morning. Talk about life making a circle.

Turning 63 on Everest

As an ongoing subject of interest, I will be highlighting certain individuals on this trip. Read on below …



Al Hancock, Fort McMurray, Alberta

Al is climbing on another team with IMG. He has already summitted Everest in 2007, and has successfully climbed the 7 Summits. He is climbing Everest this year for ‘Climb for Kids’ with 100% of the donations going to the Children’s Wish Foundation. His company is called Blue Horizon Adventures Ltd. and his website is:  www.alhancock.com.

His motto is: “For me mountains are made of rock, ice and snow, but to someone else it can be something completely different. I encourage people to go out and find and climb their mountain, whatever it may be.  For different people it will be different things and different challenges”.

“To those that say “I can’t” I say make a simple word substitution and say, “Why can’t I?”.

“Try something new, doors will open”.

Al is a really determined and tough guy. Bravo and good luck.

Last night the team had a wonderful surprise for me, a chocolate birthday cake with 3 candles. And Rosanna, my partner in life, had great birthday wishes and mountains of encouragement for me. I can’t tell you how much it all meant to me.

Also last night as most every night, there were huge avalanches coming down Nuptse and surroundings peaks. Although they hit on the opposite side of the Khumbu Glacier, the roar is so tremendous, you would swear they are right over your head.

We will leave around 3am tomorrow morning for our 5 day rotation up the Ice Fall to Camp 1 for 2 nights, then climb up to Camp 2 for 2 nights, and the 5 day return to BC. We are all hyped and excited for the Ice Fall and getting going.


  1. Jonathan Buzelan

    Jonathan Buzelan 2010-04-26 14:33

    You look great! Happy B-day!

    I cannot mention it enough, “You are an example, an inspiration and a mentor to each and everyone one of us!”

    Best of luck and enjoy the experience!

    Talk soon,

    Yoni (Jonathan Buzelan

  2. Charles-Etienne, Vincent and Vivian

    Vivian 2010-04-27 18:47
    Dear Ted,
    Happy birthday! It’s snowing in Montreal today but can’t compare with the ice on Everest.
    Charles-Etienne, Vincent and Vivian
    (your neighbors on Tupper)

  3. darren fairhurst

    darren fairhurst 2010-04-28 08:29
    Hey buddddddddddddddddy.
    You’re doing great….keep up the great climbing. I love the pictures and comments, they are really incouraging. Skylar can say “happy” and she said “Ted” the other day. The new baby is coming soon, everything is great. Our company IPO grow over 35% the first day. Love you Ted

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