After 3 attempts on Ojos del Salado, I finally reached the summit tower – 6893m – at 3:30pm Sunday December 9, 2018. I have now completed the Volcanic 7 Summits and am almost certainly the oldest person to have accomplished both the 7 Summits and now the V7S at 71.

My Australian friend Dan Bull who I climbed Carstensz Pyramid with in Papua New Guinea 2014 has been recognized by Guinness World Records for being the youngest person to climb both the 7 Summits and the V7S. Hopefully I will now be the oldest.

According to James Stone website http://clachliath.com/ only 15 people have climbed the V7S to date.

The last 12 days living in the dry windy environment of the Atacama Desert of Chile sleeping at higher and higher altitudes acclimatizing (:3800 to 5800 meters)and climbing several mountains (5000 to 6000m) as preparation. Yesterday 4 am risking high winds my Chilean guide Ismael Sepulveda and I made the call to go. 14 very tough hours that pushed me to the edge, but I persevered and reached the technical summit at 3:30pm.

It felt really rewarding to me to complete my goal to climb the Volcanic 7 Summits. Ojos shook me up having attempted it twice and I really had doubts. Now in my hotel room in a small mining town Copiapo near the coast enjoying simple pleasures like a shower, bed, no sand and wind in my face, coffee, I’m feeling great and extremely lucky.


Dia Coetzee Carstens Well done and congrats Ted ????????
Jessie D’Aigle Congratulations Ted this is amazing and a Guinness world record
Philippe Lefebvre Well done Theodore, you’re a real inspiration to me.
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Kent Stewart Well done Ted!
Tim Igo Well done Tedski!!! Congratulations!!!
Alex Shoumatoff Ok Ted, you made it!
Thierry Quenette waaooo félicitation!!
Adrian Rohnfelder Congrats Ted, I am really glad you made it with that 3rd attempt, you did an amazing job!
Mohan Kumar Kafle congratulations
Al Hancock Fantastic news Ted” congratulations , well done!!
Carole Hamel Congratulations Ted!
Bravo pour ta détermination et ta persévérance!????????????????
Rosanna Grande Bravo Ted -inspiring ????????
Emmanuel Daigle BRAVO Theodore Fairhurst! Perseverance is one of the key to success. Now it’s time to recuperate and have a coffee together ;) Write me when you’ll have time.
Peter J Watkins Totally inspiring
Eric L’Esperance Awesome!
Veronica Baruffati Bravo!!!!
Sonia Pivetta Congrats Ted! You are truly amazing!
Christophe Reinauld Félicitations Ted!
Veronique Landry Congratulations! Your commitment and perseverance is phenomenal!!!
Silvia De la Melena Congratulations!! you are amazing! it was impressive to see you climb mount Washington with our cohorte from Esprit de corps some years ago! I’m very happy for you!
Mirza Ali congratulations Ted! You are Awesome!!
Jennifer Ford-Fairhurst We are so proud of you!!! Much love ❤️
Andrew Thomas Congratulation Theodore Fairhurst!
You are a champion !
Gordon Finlay Great job Ted! Congratulations
Gilles Cote Congratulation… you are indeed a special man.
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Robert Gervais That is awesome!
Katherine Snow Wonderful – I never doubted you.. and more importantly.. you never doubted yourself. Congratulations!
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Sajish GP Massive!
Nick Cole Congratulations Ted! Fantastic achievement! You are inspiration to all of us!! ????????
Sandhosh Kumar Amazing and never had any doubt you will
Go Gene Congratulation, you are awesome !! Take care .
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Congratulations!! What an inspiration!
Samuel Ostiguy Bravo Bravo Bravo!
Jean-Michel Ghoussoub Awesome!!
Tavia Tolleson This is so fantastic! Your perseverance is an inspiration.
Drew Harrison a blue goose moment. no wig required. congrats
Mike Chapman Congrats – Sumitee as our Tibetan cook would say
Babak Kheirjoo Oldest very important.I am waiting you
Adrian Rohnfelder Babak Kheirjoo Did you join him at Damavand?
Maria Pappas WOW!!! Congratulations..
Shevy Warren Congrats ????????
Alex Kavanagh CONGRATULATIONS Theodore Fairhurst this is an amazing accomplishment and am so grateful to have met you earlier this year when you were heading Antarctica.
You’re an inspiration to all mate ????????
James Stone Well done. Absolutely brilliant. So pleased for you. Yes, you are the 16th person to complete the V7S. And you are the oldest person to complete both the V7S (beating me!) and the 7S/V7S combination. I will be updating the completer list on my website shortly. There are likely to be at least another couple of V7S completers in January when the next Sidley expedition is run. Congratulations again.
Farid Issoulaimani

Ann Marie Hewlett Congrats!
Barbara Kreklau Gonzalez Amzing accomplishment! Congratulations!
Bud Hansen Testament to never giving up! BRAVO!
Craig Little Fantastic Ted, what an inspiration. Great to see you doing so well. Enjoy a beer now.
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Wow…. what an incredible view. Congratulations on reaching the top!!!
Colin Schworer ???? Congratulations on your perseverance and conquest of this elusive summit and the culmination of your ambitious dream. ????
April Hichenens You are the definition of awesome, Ted. Congratulations and so much love and admiration your way!!Doreen Hewlett Great to hear the news. Congratulations Ted!!
Paul Garry Congratulations. Third time is the charm.
Freda Sideroff Congratulations Theodore Fairhurst!
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Patrick Messier Bravo Ted!!!
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Julie Fairhurst You’re one of a kind Ted! Incredible effort! Congratulations ????????????⛰????
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Véronique Labbé R-E-S-P-E-CT ???? what an achievement Ted I’m very happy for you ????????????
Gilles Barbot Amazing !!!
Elaine Kitteridge That’s beyond wonderful!! Now I know someone in the record books. Congratulations????????
Jesika Starnino Wow Ted! You did it! Congratulations!
Allan Fairhurst Truly amazing and inspirational ????????
John Gradek Wow! What perseverance, Ted! Congrats and here’s to the Guinness recognition! Going to have to celebrate that. Safe return home…
Pam Rolph-Romeril Absolutely amazing! Congratulations
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Josée Groulx I have now Word you are just the best of all .Toute mes félicitations
Vicky Kostolias Amazing incredible TED!!!!
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Guillaume Le Prohon Congratulation Ted, you’re such an inspiration. Have a safe way back home
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Ken Ruffell CONGRATS Teddy. Way to go SUPERSTAR !!!!!
Danielle Hirsh CongratulationsTed ! Knew you would make it…
Alana J. Hansen I so admire your dedication & perseverance! Comgratulations on realizing your goal! Love you, Alana and Bud ❤️‼️
Tina Ferrara Haney Amazing! Congratulations!!
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Congratulation Theodore, we meet in laguna verde, happy to hear that you got to the summit with my friend Ismael Sepulveda well done ????????????
Nicolaus Irunde
Nicolaus Irunde Amazing! Well done. It’s Nicolaus your mount Kilimanjaro Guide.
Michael Halbig Fabulous!! Congratulations!!
Amanda Stephenson What an INCREDIBLE feat. Was going to say achievement but it doesn’t seem big enough. Congratulations Ted – what’s the next thing you’ll challenge yourself with, I wonder ….
Alexandre Forgues Bravo Ted !!! I’m very happy for you
Darren Fairhurst We are so proud of you Ted!!
Wendy Harrison Greenberg Another awesome Accomplishment!!!
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Derek Kattas Congratulations Ted.
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que grande Ismael Sepulveda ????
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You go Ted !! Congratulations on this amazing accomplishment!! God bless ♥️
Pascale Daviau What an accomplishment! Congratulations to you Sir!
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Lori Perkins Congratulations!
Daniel Alfaro Araya #andesdeatacama
Theodore Fairhurst Daniel Alfaro Araya Daniel is the logistic genius for Ojos.
Stephane Dumont My idole! ????
Marisa Di Lillo Amazing Ted! Congratulations
Jannett Pechmann Congratulation Ted what an achievement.
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Amazing Ted!
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