AL HANCOCK, mountain guide, safety expert, keynote speaker; is one of Canada’s premier high-altitude mountaineers, who has scaled 7 of the world’s 14 highest mountains. His goal – the BIG 14 CHALLENGE – is to be the 1st Canadian and only 2nd North American to scale all 14 of the 8,000m Himalayan giants. He is also the 13th  Canadian to summit the 7 SUMMITS and 1st Newfoundlander to summit Mount Everest.

SATYARUP SIDDHANTA (born April 29, 1983) is an Indian (Bangalore) high-altitude mountaineer who became the youngest person in the world to climb the 7 SUMMITS and the VOLCANIC 7 SUMMITS at age 35 years 261 days (15 January 2019). He is recognized by GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS.

JAMES STONE is a British mountaineer.  He has tramped around the British hills for years but only came to high altitude mountaineering late in life.  He became the first British man to complete the Volcanic Seven Summits in 2017 and tries to keep track of those who are attempting the V7S challenge. James has climbed around the world in places as diverse as Australia, New Zealand, North Africa, North America, Guatemala, and the Alps. His site is a huge source of data and info concerning the Volcanic Seven Summiteers, The Top 50 ULTRAS of the World (and who has climbed them). and mountains based on prominence.

JOHN S DAHLEM is an American high-altitude mountaineer, and the Oldest Father-Son Combination (RYAN DAHLEM) ever on top of Mount Everest. John is also 2nd oldest American to summit Everest (May 24, 2010) and he has skied the last degree to both the North and South Poles (GRAND SLAM CHALLENGE).

Jamie Viñals (born November 17, 1966) is a Guatemalan mountaineer and the first person from Central America and Caribbean ever to climb the Earth’s highest peak, Mount Everest. He began climbing locally in 1987 at age 26, and since then he has climbed over 300 mountains in 42 countries.

Viñals has climbed the Seven Summits. In 2002, Jamie embarked on an attempt to climb the highest peak of each of the Seven Largest Islands in the world: 1/ Greenland, Mt. Gunnbjorn (3,693m); New Guinea, Mt. Wilhelm (4,509m); Borneo, Mt. Kinabalu (4,101m), Madagascar, Mt. Moromokotro (2,876m); Baffin Island, Mt. Tête Blanche (2,156m); Sumatra, Mt. Kerinci (3,800m); Fuji, Mt. Honshu (3,776m).

 He is also involved in a project called 50 MOST PROMINENCE SUMMITS OF THE WORLD, a challenge to climb all 50 of these mountains. As of April 2020, Jaime has summited 33 of them, making him 2nd behind Matthew Holt (UK/ South Africa) who has climbed 36. 

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