DARE to REACH is a call to action that we must rise to CHALLENGE something bigger than ourselves. To BELIEVE we can REACH great heights by starting one small step at a time. Our PROWESS has no limits, we must DARE WISELY with PASSION and RESOLVE.


This book is…

for people driven to accomplish big challenges. It is about dealing with struggle, hardship, pain; and the determination and resilience it takes to reach high goals.

Written by Theodore Fairhurst, entrepreneur, high-altitude mountaineer, public speaker, and the oldest and 9th person in history to summit both the highest mountain and volcano on all 7 continents; and by Emmanuel Daigle, professional mountain guide, high-altitude specialist, author and public speaker.

This book is a lot more than just mountains, it is about a mountain of a life lived. It is about ‘shining eyes’ and ‘daring to reach’. It is about staying open-minded, a blank canvas, to follow your passions and dreams. What is a life without struggle and glory, daring and F*ckuP’s? 

This special limited first edition was written in English and French. Dare to Reach inspires, motivates, and pushes you to take action. Manu and Ted deliver a new perspective on how to make your craziest dreams come true.

This interactive book is playful and will test you. Knowing when to change your perspective comes in handy while reading certain chapters. Enjoy extra content via our QR codes that you can scan from any smartphone camera or tablet bringing sound and videos to this hardcover. The book has two front covers, it reads in English or in French from front to center.

Theodore Fairhurst is the oldest person in the world and only 9th in history to climb both the 7 SUMMITS & VOLCANIC 7 SUMMITS at 71 years 235 days.